Healthy Printing

Here’s something you can do right now to improve your organisation’s beneficial footprint!

Everyone benefits from printed paper. It is in our packaging, publications, photographs, homes and offices. However, printing substances used with paper can affect food quality and recyclability.

Printing associations and regulators have standards for safer printing, but these could be improved, and the good news is that healthier inks are already in the marketplace!

EPEA, with support from the DOEN Foundation, launched a healthy printing initiative to scale up availability of those healthier substances in printed publications and packaging, and invites its customers and partners to join the alliance.

Everybody uses printing, but until now there was nowhere for buyers and suppliers to work together to develop economy of scale for healthy printing. This initiative fills that gap. It aims at making printed paper a more economical resource for recycling and composting.

Printing affects millions of tonnes of new paper products and most recycled paper. With this initiative we aim to make healthy printing more available to everybody.

We are inviting every EPEA partner as well as print media, from packaging manufacturers to printers and suppliers of inks, to join the initiative as a frontrunner, and become a big driver of healthy printing.

Current members of the Healthy Printing Alliance

For more information take a look at the flyer, or visit