Ecobuild - London

From March 6th to March 8th, the REMs were on display at the second location of the European tour: Ecobuild, London.

After the launch in Brussels, the REMs exhibit has nearly doubled in size. It now covers 100m2 of surface area and showcases 70 products. Finally seeing the exhibit in full glory was a proud moment for us, after working on the preparations for so long. We’d like to thank our build and design team of Gielissen and &Lotte for their hard work, as well as all the participants in the exhibit.

The BAMB consortium hosted a series of seminars and discussion panels at the exhibit throughout the event. Talking points included reversible and modular building design, reusable and healthy materials, and materials passports. In addition, visitors were guided through the REMs throughout the day, discovering products and their features from their digital passports. Passports are easily accessible with a mobile device through the QR-codes or NFC tags.

Next to the seminars at our own exhibit, the REMs were also presented on the main stage by the BAMB consortium, and by the developer of the Cradle to Cradle® concept, Michael Braungart.

Once again, we received a lot of positive feedback; on the exhibit as a whole, on specific products, and on the concept of tracking material streams through passports. Want to see the REMs for yourself? Check out the REMs video, or visit us at one of the next locations!

The REMs are currently displayed at BRE’s Innovation Park in Watford, where an open day was organized around “the Circular Economy in the built environment” on March 22. The REMs are free to visit until Friday the 30th of March. After that they’ll be heading to the first location in the Netherlands: Building Holland (April 17-19). We will be organizing guided tours of the REMs exhibit. Interested in a guided tour for you and your relations? contact

Watch the REMs promotional video, filmed at ecobuild, here!