Building Holland

On April 17th to 19th, the REMs exhibition visited Building Holland in the Amsterdam RAI. It was the first location in the Netherlands, and a home match for many of the REMs participants, whom we were happy to meet in person! The REMs were a popular exhibit over the three days, and we once again received many positive reactions about the exhibition design, individual products, and the materials passports concept.

As always, visitors were able to open the different materials passports by scanning the QR or NFC codes placed by every product with their smartphone. In addition to the materials passports, Building Holland was also the first location where we presented the manual guides, featuring the visuals we developed for the products. The manual guide is a one-page summary of the information which can be found in a passport, and was originally developed for visitors without a smartphone or internet connection.

For an impression of the REMs at Building Holland, take a loot at the image galery at the bottom of this post, or watch the REMs video from Ecobuild here .

Currently, the REMs are stored at our builder’s warehouse in Eindhoven, where they will remain over the summer. We will be conducting some maintenance to some of the panels, and getting it ready for the next locations, starting in October. More information on the next location will follow soon, keep an eye on the REMs page!

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