BRE Innovation Park - Watford

From 19 March to 6 April 2018, the REMs were on display at our BAMB-partner BRE on the BRE Innovation Park Watford in Hertfordshire, UK.

This was the third location of the REMs after the reversible exposition visited IBGE’s office in Brussels and the Ecobuild fair in London. After this, the REMs will continue to the Building Holland fair in Amsterdam and after that Kamp C in Westerlo, Belgium. The exhibition was again presented in its full floorplan in the main building of BRE. Snugly fitting under the ceiling panels and between the support columns it provided the opportunity for personnel and visitors of the Innovation park to explore and discuss the BAMB-pilot that showcases 70 products and visuals.

Several organized visits took place while the REMs where located at BRE’s headquarters. The main event around this REMs placement was on 22 March when BRE hosted a half day event dedicated to the Circular Economy, during which a guided tour through the REMs was provided, in combination with a guided tour through BREs innovation park and a series of presentations around BAMB including on Materials Passports, BIM, Circular Building Assessment, and more. The REMs exhibition was received positively. After the guided tour visitors had some time to investigate the REMs and their Materials Passports in more depth. Visit BRE’s webpage for more information about the event.

During the stay at BRE, the REMs were subjected to rigorous VOC-testing and we are happy to announce that even in the cozy location where it was not possible to ventilate the exhibition ideally, the scores were well below BRE’s strict limits.

Next up is the first location in the Netherlands: Building Holland (April 17-19). We will be organizing guided tours of the REMs exhibit here. Interested in a guided tour for you and your relations? contact