Luxembourg Circular Economy Study by EPEA Published by Ministry of the Economy

Gepubliceerd op 28 Juni 2015 | 18:50 uur door Ernst-Jan Mul

Recently the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg published online the EPEA study Luxembourg as a Knowledge Capital and Testing Ground for the Circular Economy.

The study has diverse potential uses for government agencies and companies. A main finding of the study is that Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries, is home to one of the largest circular metal flows; more than 2 million tonnes anually, and one of the largest metal renting schemes.
Included as well is a special section on the role of additives in materials, which is missing from most other circular economy studies. It further describes of C2C certified products including distributors in the Luxembourg Greater Region and The Netherlands. The product list shows where to buy products and includes a link to a map of distributors locations created by EPEA Nederland.

Resulting from the study the Ministry of the Economy engaged EPEA to support the development of pilot projects.

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