Green4Print introduceert Cradle to Cradle GOLD offset inkten

24 Oktober 2017 | 11:27 uur

Uit handen van Lewis Perkins, President van het C2C Products Innovation Institute, ontving het Nederlandse bedrijf Green4Print op zaterdag 21 oktober het Cradle to Cradle Gold certificaat op hun ‘offset solutions’ inclusief inkten en vernissen. Het resultaat is een unicum in de wereld en is ontstaan door een intensieve samenwerking tussen Green4Print en EPEA Nederland. EPEA is onderzoeks- en adviesorganisatie op het gebied van Cradle to Cradle. EPEA ondersteunde Green4Print niet enkel in de cert... lees verder

New Circular Economy Policymakers Toolkit Highlights Carlsberg Circular Community developed with EPEA

29 Juni 2015 | 10:14 uur

A circular economy policymakers toolkit published by the EllenMacarthur Foundation highlights the Carlsberg Circular Community created with EPEA as an example of circular economy supplier communities.

In the invited Foreword to the publication, Carlsberg Chairman Flemming Besenbacher celebrates the Carlsberg Circular Community as a success. The CCC is also covered in the main body of the toolkit.

As well, a takeback scheme originally proposed by EPEA for pumps with the Danish company Grundfos is... lees verder

Luxembourg Circular Economy Study by EPEA Published by Ministry of the Economy

28 Juni 2015 | 18:50 uur

Recently the Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg published online the EPEA study Luxembourg as a Knowledge Capital and Testing Ground for the Circular Economy.

The study has diverse potential uses for government agencies and companies. A main finding of the study is that Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries, is home to one of the largest circular metal flows; more than 2 million tonnes anually, and one of the largest metal renting schemes.
Included as well is a special section on the role... lees verder