Designing for the Circular Economy

29 Augustus 2018 | 13:15 uur

In het boek ‘Designing for the Circular Economy’ wordt in 34 wijd uiteenlopende hoofdstukken beschreven hoe we kunnen bijdragen aan circulariteit. Van productontwerp en ontwikkeling tot policy, business models, mode en architectuur. Lars Luscuere en Douglas Mulhall dragen hoofdstuk 34 bij: Circularity Information Management for Buildings; the example of materials passports.

Het boek is ge-edit door Martin Charter, directeur van het Centre for Sustainable Design en professor bij de University for... lees verder

BAMB and the One Planet Network join forces to boost circularity in the built environment

29 Augustus 2018 | 12:15 uur

The EU H2020 project BAMB (Buildings as Material Banks) and the One Planet Network are joining forces for a full-day event to boost circularity in the built environment. Key areas that will facilitate this systemic shift will be focused on: digitalization, circular building assessment and public procurement. During the day the participant will be able to learn from ongoing exemplary initiatives and debate how currently available tools are supporting a systemic shift towards circularity in the built... lees verder

Want to Design for Circularity? Consider Your Buildings as Future Material Banks From the Start.

26 April 2017 | 08:35 uur

Katy Tomasulo van C2CPII had een kort interview met Lars Luscuere en Hein van Tuijl over Materials Passports and het Horizon2020-project Buildings as Material Banks (BAMB). Het volledige artikel is hier te vinden.